Tiffany Wood Yoga

  • Brand Story
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Logo Design
  • Photography

Defining the Brand

We started with developing her story, and it turns out she has a terrific one. Yoga helped her overcome a serious, potentially life-changing neck injury, which then led to a new career in teaching and helping others recover from ailments.  Since Tiffany is the Brand, we followed on with an exhausting (for her) 4-hour photo session to showcase her amazing abilities.

Showcase the Services

Tiffany's services are the next most important thing after her brand image.  It is the most likely page for prospective clients to visit and the section that will get the most repeat visits from committed yoga enthusiasts.  The challenge was to create a quick overview that did not come off as a boring catalogue and which reflected Tiffany's "from the heart" brand story.  The links for each training type lead to an in-depth description and a schedule specific to that training. 

Yoga Training Overview

Making it Responsive

Mobile device browsing is set to overtake desktop/laptop internet use during 2014, so a "mobile first" approach was used to optimize content layout for smaller screens.  Larger devices like desktop computers are treated to a multi-column layout and more imagery.