Your brand can set you apart from the crowd


A unique and compelling brand story will help you stand out from the crowd in our hyper-connected world and can help level the playing field when facing down larger competitors.

The Web

Web Services

Build a digital experience for your clients, create an online presence for your business. Finding your way through the twists and turns of the modern web is challenging - we can help!

Google's hummingbird update has profound implication for web content

Content Strategy

Google's Hummingbird update to their search algorithms brings more focus to "search intent", rather than just keywords.  The implication is that great content is more important than ever.

We created a brand and a website for Tiffany Wood Yoga that matches up with their ambitions.

Defining the Brand

We started with developing her story, and it turns out she has a terrific one. Yoga helped her overcome a serious, potentially life-changing neck injury, which then led to a new career in teaching and helping others recover from ailments.  Since Tiffany is the Brand, we followed on with an exhausting (for her) 4-hour photo session to showcase her amazing abilities.